Between charm and gastronomy, you will love the inventive cooking with delicate and colourful flavours which favours regional products.

The warmth of our welcome are all to be tried in an elegant and comfortable setting.

Prepare you to have a delicious and wonderful time.

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Restaurant Le Compostelle  -  4 rue St Etienne - 59800 LILLE
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Restaurant Lille

Restaurant Lille : Lille restaurant, Nord, Nord pas de Calais
Restaurant Lille, Nord, Nord Pas de Calais, Lille restaurant France
Restaurant France > Restaurant Nord Pas de Calais > Restaurant Nord > Restaurant Lille

Séminaires Lille

Séminaires Lille : Lille seminaires, Nord, Nord pas de Calais
Lille, Nord, Nord Pas de Calais, Lille seminaires France
France > Séminaires Nord Pas de Calais > Séminaires Nord > Séminaires Lille


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